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DSxD’s Future of Data Science Book

One part of the Data Science by Design (DSxD) initiative that we are especially excited about is showcasing the work created by the newly established DSxD community. The theme for this printed anthology is “The Future of Data Science.” We named this project to intentionally reflect our desire to design for a future in data science: a future with more of a focus on creativity, yes, but also a future with more transparency, inclusiveness, and personal responsibility.

This Anthology is a collaboration featuring data designers, scientists, and artists. It is a work curated by the Data Science by Design community to establish both a call to action and vision for what data science can be. The anthology brings together the voices of the Data Science by Design community and other contributors who inspire that community. The Anthology has 19 sections full of original color illustrations and photos, including essays, zines, data visualizations, interviews, and more. Inside you will find an emphasis on inclusion, strong community, and creative approaches to working with data. We hope each reader will find something that resonates with them and helps them find their place in data science.

We may not know what the future holds but we do know that the future of data science can be what we design it to be!

Photograph of an open book with two full page art works in a garden with red and purple flowers Photograph of an open book with illustration and text in a garden with purple flowers Photograph of an open book with illustration and text in a garden with yellow flowers

Book Contents

To give each piece time to shine, we will release two chapters a week on our website. By August, the whole Anthology will be freely available online.

  Online Release
A Conversation with Mimi Ọnụọha Natalie O’Shea June 1
The Process of Making “the Count” Deji Dabiri and Bunmi Aworanti June 1
A Zine to Show Scientists How to Make Their Data More Accessible Leonore Reiser June 8
Sweeping Untufted Charts Under the Rug Violeta Roizman June 8
A Conversation with Danielle Navarro Sharla Gelfand June 15
Twelve Quick Tips for Software Design Greg Wilson June 15
Writing A “modeler’s MaNifesto” for More Transparent, Ethical Data Science M.V. Eitzel June 22
A Conversation with Saskia Freeke Natalie O’Shea June 22
Livestreaming My Coding Mistakes to the World Jesse Mostipak June 29
Distilltools: Creating a Curated, Collaborative Community Package Ella Kaye June 29
Visualizing our Daily Realities Danne Woo July 6
The Making of the Do No Harm Guide Alice Feng July 6
Beyond Binaries Madeline Arnold July 13
The Future of Data Science Includes Slow Data Science Tim Schoof July 13
Encoding Fermentation: A Multisensory Approach to Understanding Fermentation Data Maxene Graze July 20
Seeing Harmony, Hearing Color Justin Lind July 20
A Conversation with Nadieh Bremer Sharla Gelfand July 27
A Personal Response to “datafication” Alexandra Khoo July 27
When We Miss Missingness Cat Hicks July 27