Distilltools: Creating a Curated, Collaborative Community Package

Simplifying the process of creating a website and creating community. Ella Kaye discusses the motivations and process of creating the distills package. Image header / distilltools hex sticker by Freddie Yauner. Read More

Writing a “modeler’s Manifesto” for More Transparent, Ethical Data Science

M.V. Eitzel creates a set of concepts to aspire to when creating models and the influences that led them to writing them. Header llustration by Noemi De Feo. Read More

A Conversation With Saskia Freeke

Artist and designer Sakskia Freeke discuss their process in creating generative art, including creating a daily practice and the importance of community. Interview by Natalie O’Shea. Read More

Twelve Quick Tips for Software Design

Greg Wilson shares easily implemental software design tips in this shortened version of his paper by the same name. Header illustration by Ashley Caswell. Read More

A Conversation With Danielle Navarro

A converstaion with data scientist and computational artist Danielle Navarro. They discuss the process of generating including how emotions and patience drive the work. Interviewed by Sharla Gelfand Read More

A Zine to Show Scientists How to Make Their Data More Accessible

Leonore Reiser creates a zine to help communicate best practices of sharing plant DNA data. Read More

Sweeping Untufted Charts Under the Rug

Violeta Roizman experiments with tactile ways to present data by creating a data viz rug. Read More

A Conversation With Mimi Ọnụọha

An interview with artist Mimi Ọnụọha on their background and process of making work exploring power dynamics behind data collection. Interviewed by Natalie O’Shea. Read More