Photograph of an open book with two full page art works in a garden with red and purple flowers

DSxD Reconnect

Friday September 30, 2022

Applications Closed


This half day event will bring together people who want to create, connect, and inspire. DSxD is gearing up for a second book, an anthology themed “Our Environment” where we ask: What worlds do we occupy, and how does data shape this landscape? At this virtual event we will get creative, hear from makers on the process of their work, connect through an activity on world building, and discuss how to work together in the DSxD community.

Let’s work together to design and build the world we want!


DSxD Reconnect Schedule
Friday, September 30th
Start Time Title and Brief Description
9:00AM PST
all time zones)
Welcome to DSxD Reconnect!
9:15AM PST
(all time zones)
Defining Our Environment
To help frame DSxD's next anthology, in this discussion, we will ask: What worlds do we occupy? and How does data affect these worlds?
9:40 AM PST Break 1
(10 min)
9:50 AM PST Process of Practice Panel
We will hear from data practitioners, Ileana Fenwick, Ijeamaka Anyene, Cathryn Ploehn on the process behind their creativity and work. Moderated by Natalie O'Shea.
10:35 AM PST Break 2
(10 min)
10:45 AM PST
(all time zones)
Multisensory sketching workshop
We all have experience translating data to visuals, but what about smells, or textures? For this multi sensory sketching workshop, where we will stretch our creative muscles and gain a new perspective of the data we work with. Hosted by Maxene Graze.
11:30:00 AM PST
all time zones)
Break 3
(5 min)
11:35 AM PST Data Science by Design Community Call
DSxD has always been defined by our community. We will set our vision for DSxD, including how we work together as a collective and where we should focus our time, energy, and funds.
12:00 PM PST
all time zones)
Rapid Brainstorm Sesh (Optional)
Do you want a collaborator for a project? Do you want feedback or help on how to execute your project? This is a time to get feedback on those ideas!

Code of Conduct

As organizers of Data Science by Design, we are committed to fostering a supportive community among participants. One of our priorities for this event is to increase the amount of people who see themselves in data-related fields. Therefore, we strongly encourage applications from women and other underrepresented genders, people of color, people who are LGBTQ, people with disabilities or any other underrepresented minorities in data-related fields. To ensure an inclusive experience for everyone who participates, we will follow a code of conduct.

Questions? Contact us at

Photograph of an open book with two full page art works in a garden with red and purple flowers

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