DSxD Creator Conference

May 27 & 28, 2021

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Do you have a data story to tell but need help broadening your audience? Do you wish you had some time and support to exercise the creative side of your data-loving brain?

On May 27 and 28th, we are hosting a a conference spread over two half days (5 hours each day), where we will come together to get over that activation energy to start (or finish) creative data-related projects. We’ll learn about others’ creative processes and storytelling techniques and work through design exercises that will push us to get creating.

Overview Schematic

We’ll hear from expert storytellers, creators, and designers about how they:

As we learn, we’ll be coming up with our own ideas and thinking about what resources and support we need from this creator community to bring them to fruition. And we’ll be doodling all the while.

This conference is part of our Data Science by Design (DSxD) initiative aimed to bring together data enthusiasts of all kinds to use creative mediums to communicate data-related work and establish new collaborations across domains. The Creator Conference’s role is to kick off the eventual creation of personal essays, drawings, explainers, or how-to guides on research best practices, findings, methodology, or even work culture.

We want you!

Maybe you identify as a student, an educator, a researcher, a designer, an artist, an analyst, an engineer, or as something else entirely. All career stages - everyone is welcome!

As organizers of Data Science by Design, we are committed to fostering a supportive community among participants. One of our priorities for this event is to increase the amount of people who see themselves in data-related fields. Therefore, we strongly encourage applications from women and other underrepresented genders, people of color, people who are LGBTQ, people with disabilities or any other underrepresented minorities in data-related fields. To ensure an inclusive experience for everyone who participates, we will follow a code of conduct.

Apply to Attend

Apply here: https://forms.gle/kECLXC9zACLyt2Js9

We want attendees to come with ideas. Each applicant is asked to submit a short application that responds to at least two of the following. The application can feature creative mediums (e.g., a page of illustrations) but we ask that you do write out in English (1) your full name (2) your email address and (3) what items below you are focusing on:

Project Examples and Scope

The scope for the Creator Conf application includes anything relevant to communicating about data or working with data (e.g., best practices) using creative mediums. We are looking for people who want to work on projects that they are passionate about, including (but definitely not limited to!) data visualizations. Below are some examples of project ideas that are within scope:

Format Examples

Topic Examples

Questions? Contact us at datasciencebydesign@gmail.com