When We Miss Missingness

Cat Hicks writes about the invisible context of our data origins. Header llustration by Katarzyna Surman. Read More

A Personal Response to “Datafication”

Alexandra Khoo's essay explores how we can humanize data work Read More

A Conversation With Nadieh Bremer

Nadieh Bremer discusses their process in creating art and data visualizations with Sharla Gelfand. Read More

Seeing Harmony, Hearing Color

Sheet music is already a data visualization of sorts but how can additional information be layered onto a score? Justin Lind explores the use of color and symbols to unlock patterns in how we perceive music. Read More

Encoding Fermentation: a Multisensory Approach to Understanding Fermentation Data

How does data taste? Maxene Graze explores the process of fermination in the context of data visualization. Read More

The Future of Data Science Includes Slow Data Science

What happens when we take the time to contemplate our data? Tim Schoof explores this, and more, through the creation of a knitting pattern. Read More

Beyond Binaries

Madeline Arnold creates a zine to about moving beyond binary data. Read More

Visualizing Our Daily Realities

Creating dataviz everyday for a year. Danne Woo develops and utilizes a tool, Datavisual (datavisu.al), to help to master their daily practice. Read More