Important Dates

Apply for Grants: June 18, 2021
Submit for Anthology: September 03, 2021

Apply: here.

“The Future”: Creating it and funding it

Introducing Grants Science Fiction Poster.  Planets, data visualizations, stars, and rocket man above a futuristic city.

One part of the Data Science by Design (DSxD) initiative that we are especially excited about is showcasing the work created by the newly established DSxD community. The theme for this anthology is “The Future.”

We named this project to intentionally reflect our desire to design for a future in data science: a future with more of a focus on creativity, yes, but also a future with more transparency, inclusiveness, and personal responsibility.

We may not know what the future holds but we do know that the future of data science can be what we, the community, design it to be! Here are some questions to get you thinking about what YOU are looking for in the future of data science:

Anthology Logistics

We hope that Creator Conference attendees and the broader public will be energized and ready to act on their ideas over the “Summer of Design.” Ideally, each participant would contribute a piece to “The Future” anthology (think of it like a data science magazine), and we are open to any and all creative ideas about what form those contributions might take! For example, if you want to create a data sculpture, you could photograph the piece to enable its inclusion in the magazine medium. You could use a QR code to send people to an interactive or audio piece online. If there’s enough interest, we may develop an accompanying audio anthology to feature orally narrated pieces, music, data sonification, or spoken word poetry. Do you have other ideas? Let’s talk about them! Examples of anthology contributions we’ve heard so far:

Remember, you don’t have an expert in the topic or medium of your proposal! This is a chance to dive deep into a topic you’ve wanted to learn, and then present it to a community that can’t wait to hear about it.

About the DSxD Grants

We will be accepting final submissions for the printed anthology starting August 1, 2021 and the submission period closes on September 03, 2021. We understand that for many – especially this year – there are financial reasons that may make it hard to participate. For this reason we are happy to be able to provide small grants for individuals or groups to create projects and develop their submission pieces.

To help with planning, and to give us an opportunity to hear from you about how we can best support you as you complete your piece, there will be a required interim report due August 1, 2021 (specifics forthcoming in a later post). This can also serve as an accountability measure for you, something we have found very useful to the successful completion of projects.

How much money does the grant include? Each grant applicant is eligible for between $250 - $600.

What are qualified uses of the grant money? Grant funds can be applied towards anything that helps you complete your submission piece successfully and to the best of your ability. For example, you could use it to pay for:

When will I know if I am receiving grant money, and how much I am receiving? We will let you know no later than July 1, 2021.

What if I have an idea that might require more than the maximum individual grant allotment of $600? Reach out to us to see if we can accommodate the request.

Applying for the DSxD Grants

The grant application includes prompts to help you specify your idea and outline a budget – two very important aspects of successfully developing a creative piece of work that hopefully can fit into the printed Anthology. The entire application should be no longer than 4-5 paragraphs (not including title or budget), and the budget should describe how you would use the grant money.

What is the title of your project? What is the title of your project? A working version of your title. We understand that this may change before the piece is final. (Length: 3- 10 words)

How is your piece relevant to data? How is your piece relevant to data? Tell us what data you will explore, what data-based results you will share in an accessible way, or what data-centric concept or methodological approach you will explain to a broad audience. (Length: 2- 5 sentences)

Who is your audience? Who is your audience? Tell us who you are trying to reach with this work and why. (Length: 2 - 5 sentences)

What is the scope of your project? What is the scope of your project? Tell us what the final deliverable will be: what do you want to present to the world by submission deadline, September 03, 2021? Consider the time constraints when defining your scope! It may help to think about a Plan A your dream and Plan B the “good enough” version. (Length: 2 - 5 sentences)

What is your connection to the theme of the anthology? What is your connection to the theme of the anthology? Tell us how you think your work connects to the theme of “The Future of Data Science”. This is open to broad interpretation! (Length: 2 - 5 sentences)

Budget You will be asked to upload a budget itemizing how you will spend the money. Please see budget template.

Questions? Contact us at