The Future of Data Science Includes Slow Data Science

What happens when we take the time to contemplate our data? Tim Schoof explores this, and more, through the creation of a knitting pattern. Read More

Beyond Binaries

Madeline Arnold creates a zine to about moving beyond binary data. Read More

Visualizing Our Daily Realities

Creating dataviz everyday for a year. Danne Woo develops and utilizes a tool, Datavisual (, to help to master their daily practice. Read More

The Making of the Do No Harm Guide

Alice Feng writes about the making of the "Do No Harm Guide" - a resource for presenting data with diversity, equity, and inclusion in mind. Header illustration by Ashley Caswell. Read More

Livestreaming My Coding Mistakes to the World

Jesse Mostipak discusses how they learned to embrace their fear and how they approach learning programming and machine learning in the public sphere. Header illustration by Katarzyna Surman. Read More

Distilltools: Creating a Curated, Collaborative Community Package

Simplifying the process of creating a website and creating community. Ella Kaye discusses the motivations and process of creating the distills package. Image header / distilltools hex sticker by Freddie Yauner. Read More

Writing a “modeler’s Manifesto” for More Transparent, Ethical Data Science

M.V. Eitzel creates a set of concepts to aspire to when creating models and the influences that led them to writing them. Header llustration by Noemi De Feo. Read More

A Conversation With Saskia Freeke

Artist and designer Sakskia Freeke discuss their process in creating generative art, including creating a daily practice and the importance of community. Interview by Natalie O’Shea. Read More